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Every day more and more people are becoming aware of the possibility that mobile phones, 5G and WiFi might not be quite as safe as we’ve been led to believe. That's likely the reason you're here. Public meetings are being held and our county councils are blocking 5G rollout while our some of our cities like Galway, Dublin and Cork already have it up and running. People are understandably confused, so what’s going on?

A very quick summary of the last 20 years answers that question. 5G is basically going to increase our exposure to radiation from electromagnetic fields by a huge factor, many times more than today at least. So some inquisitive scientists starting asking questions and seeking reassurance about it’s safety and why exactly it has been given the go ahead without any safety testing. The answers and reassurances they received from the people who want to make and profit from it were unsatisfactory to say the least.

As a result more clever scientists started looking even closer and asking even more questions. Rather alarmingly they began to discover that not only is this new 5G technology not safe at all, but in fact the radiation from earlier technologies like 2,3 and 4G we're already using can all be shown to be harmful also. As is always the way there were indeed clever people that had been trying to tell us all along, but seems they weren’t offered much air time.

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As news of this spreads throughout Ireland (worldwide in fact) we begin to see these public meetings and protests as people become aware of the potential harmful health effects of electromagnetic fields, EMF for short.

It’s actually hardly surprising. Barely 100 years ago we weren’t exposed to any artificial EMFs at all, fast forward to today and our bodies are being subjected to massive levels of EMF radiation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with 5G set to increase that exposure to much higher levels. Our homes and families are bathed in it and the detrimental effects this has on our bodies is a story that we are really only now beginning to unravel.

As awareness of the concerns associated with EMFs grows an increasing number of people want to know how much of this radiation they and their families are actually being exposed to in their own homes, and of course learn how to reduce it as much as possible. This is where EMF Home Surveys can help. We can carry out an EMF survey of your home taking EMF readings for every room (and outside) before providing solutions for minimizing your exposure. In addition our engineer will also answer all the questions you might have, experience tells us this is a large part of the service!

While carrying out home surveys is our main service this website also aims to be a resource for people wishing to dig deeper into EMF related scientific studies (see health effects) to help expand their knowledge on the subject. The news section can also be used to keep up to date with developments in all things EMF and 5G related, particularly within Ireland.

The goal of EMF Home Surveys is to make information on EMF radiation levels in the home and how to reduce it accessible to as many people as possible in Ireland by offering affordable home surveys. In doing so we hope to spread public awareness of the health concerns associated with wireless and 5G technology and ultimately halt and reverse its rollout in our beautiful country.

If you'd like to get a quote for a home survey please use the button below, alternatively you can learn more about what EMFs are here, where they actually come from here, or more on their detrimental health effects here.

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